Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet provides a sound foundation for all dance styles, developing poise, grace, correct posture and safe dance techniques. Classical classes are recommended for students striving for a high standard of dance and pursuing a career in dance and performance.


An up to date dance style from hip hop & funk to musical comedy, fast paced and energetic, an enjoyable way to get fit and have fun. Jazz incorporates technique, flexibility, rhythm, musicality and coordination, developing eye focus and stage presence.

Hip Hop/Funk

A bouncy “street” style of jazz as seen in music video clips.


From „Fred Astaire‟ to the „Tap Dogs‟, a fun and energetic dance style that can be heard by all! All tap classes incorporate the “Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus”, with all students having the opportunity to participate in these examinations.


A blend of both ballet and modern dance styles encouraging strong centre and core strength combining precision leg work with fluidity of the torso. Contemporary also encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation.


To further develop strength, flexibility, turnout and technique for the dedicated student. Students will need to bring a towel and Theroband to class. Students must already by attending 2 classical ballet classes per week to attend these classes.

Pointe Work

Pointe work is introduced to students who have reached the appropriate standard of technique and have developed correct posture, turnout, strength and physical development. An assessment from a dance physiotherapist or podiatrist may also by required.


Acrobatics is for both males and females. The sport develops courage, strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Sports acrobatics unites power and poise with grace and beauty.

Boys Hip Hop

Especially designed for boys. Learn the latest dance moves seen in today‟s video clips.

Boys Tap

A funky street style tap class especially designed for boys.